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Welcome to Pizza Hut's £5 Frenzy hosted by ShivFPS!

If you'd like to take part with a chance to win then please sign up on this page.

You MUST join the discord server by clicking the link at the top or HERE.

You MUST be 16+ to enter.

You can tune in to ShivFPS's Stream and follow along HERE.


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Tournament Players
Player Status Team Requested
Accepted Corzadog's Team
Accepted Rabzy Bhoy's Team
Accepted ABaffledTurtle's Team
Accepted CXNFLCTOnTwitch's Team
Accepted TheZoeNova's Team
Accepted Bamboozled95's Team
Accepted Roediff's Team
Accepted ToxicCutie_Tv's Team
Accepted KingsKNG's Team
Accepted LG_ShivFPS's Team
Accepted ItsJustVixTTV's Team
Accepted Aim Lab is Free :)'s Team
Accepted Ixie's Team
Accepted AptitudeTV's Team
Accepted BenJaded's Team
Accepted Twizzxii's Team
Accepted TTV.PrimeApexFails' Team
Accepted Twitch_McDude2k13's Team
Accepted Jokarnteyoka's Team
Accepted Judge_infinate's Team
Accepted JayeBeezTTV's Team
Accepted Voxdnb's Team
Accepted AgentTripleA's Team
Accepted LBB_Lucky's Team
Accepted Isotronicc's Team
Accepted GGGOLDZ's Team
Accepted Eval-_-monkay's Team
Accepted ItsFearnyyyy's Team
Accepted Aprilcottree's Team
Accepted The GaGOD's Team
Accepted ItsmeBenB's Team
Accepted Crispyteaa's Team
Accepted Akashi Seijuro.'s Team
Accepted OcallybTwitch's Team
Accepted Whos typ's Team
Accepted Pewdiepie8552's Team
Accepted ItsMorgestic's Team
Accepted Sniperhard's Team
Accepted Devinmilsom's Team
Accepted Jaeyoungie's Team
Accepted Alliance_Yuki's Team
Accepted Knightenator's Team
Accepted GirlyProTTV's Team
Accepted HiTekNomaschenko's Team
Accepted StereoNuttah's Team
Accepted The Yung Waggy's Team
Accepted RexyEU's Team
Accepted ItsFlicked's Team
Accepted Kit is bad's Team
Accepted PhAnt0m's Team
Accepted Joemama's Team
Accepted PapaSmurf's Team
Accepted None
Accepted Killadino1's Team
Accepted Ultrareaper80's Team
Accepted Shhh's Team
Accepted PHX_Exstazy's Team
Accepted Plattplays' Team
Accepted LoopyLoates' Team
Terms and Conditions




    1. The capitalised terms used in these Rules shall have the following meanings:


shall mean any individual or entity who or which is authorised by the Tournament Operator to administrate the Tournament in accordance with the Rules. The collection of all Admins will be called the “Administration”.

Game Publisher

shall mean EA.


shall mean each match forming part of the Tournament.


shall mean each individual which participates in the Tournament.

Participant’s Image

shall have the meaning set out in clause 12.1.

Prize Money

shall mean the prize money for the Tournament as set out in clause 8.1.


shall mean these Tournament Rules and Regulations, along with all appendices schedules and annexes.


shall mean Pizza Hut’s £5 Frenzy

Tournament Operator

shall mean Kairos Media Limited.

Tournament Start Date

shall mean Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

  1. Any phrase introduced by the terms “including”, “include”, “in particular”, “for example” or any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words preceding those terms. 
  2. Words and expressions importing natural persons include any individual, body corporate, unincorporated body, government, government department, agency and any municipal, local, statutory or other authority. 
  3. The singular includes the plural and vice versa, and words importing a gender includes other genders. 
  4. A reference to a clause, paragraph or schedule is a reference to a clause or paragraph of or schedule to these Rules. 
      1. The Rules are for the benefit of all Tournament stakeholders, including the Participants. The purpose of these Rules is to protect and maintain the integrity and competitive balance of the Tournament, and to set out the minimum standards to be expected of all Participants. 
      2. The Rules shall apply to, and be binding upon, all Participants. By participating in the Tournament, all Participants expressly and unconditionally agree to comply with, and be bound by, the Rules (as amended by the Tournament Operator from time to time) and any other rules, policies or codes of conduct introduced, and brought to his or her attention, by the Administration.
      3. The Rules and any other rules or regulations imposed by the Tournament Operator in relation to the Tournament may be amended by the Tournament Operator from time to time and any such amendments shall be automatically binding upon the Participants. 
      4. If any provision of the Rules is deemed void or unenforceable in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Rules. If a provision of the Rules is found to be void or unenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it valid and enforceable. 
      5. In addition to these Rules, all Participants shall at all times comply with the terms and conditions of the Game Publisher.
      1. The Administration shall be responsible for the administration, operation and hosting of the Tournament. 
      2. The Administration shall also be responsible for making decisions and judgment calls on Match play and all Tournament related issues. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
        1. starting and closing each Match; 
        2. monitoring the Participants’ behaviour; 
        3. issuing appropriate in-Match sanctions; and 
        4. making decisions on Match and Tournament related issues. 
      3. Any decisions made by the Administration in respect of the Tournament shall be final and binding on all Participants. 
      4. The Administration shall at all times conduct itself in an appropriate, professional and impartial manner, as befitting the Tournament, and shall not show prejudice towards any particular Participant. 
      5. All communication between Participants and the Administration in connection with the Tournament shall be at all times in English. The Administration may only be contacted via Discord unless directed otherwise (in order to help Admins to coordinate as a team and ensure issues are dealt with and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible). Any other form of communication may be ignored.
      1. The Tournament shall commence on the Tournament Start Date, or such other times and dates determined by the Tournament Operator at its sole discretion.
      2. The Tournament Format specifics are outlined in the ruleset provided on every tournament page.
    1. Only real persons who fulfil the following conditions shall be eligible to participate in the Tournament:
      1. Participants must be at least 16 years old on the Tournament Start Date.
      2. Participants must be a citizen and/or a resident of the UK.


  1. Participants must not be employees or contractors of the Tournament Operator or the Game Publisher.
  1. If a Participant fails to meet the eligibility conditions set out in clause 5.1, the Administration shall have the right to refuse their entry in the Tournament and/or immediately disqualify the offending Participant from the Tournament.
      1. To become a Participant, an individual must first register and sign up to the Tournament platform here (, enter his or her region, and submit all requested details (including name, email and username).
      2. Individuals will then receive notification by email as to whether their application to participate in the Tournament has been accepted or rejected by the Administration.
      3. In respect of each Match, every Participant will receive a notification from an Admin with details of his or her allocated opponent, instructions for adding the opponent on the Tournament platform, and a time period during which the relevant Match must be completed. Matches cannot be postponed or rescheduled to another date or time unless determined by the Administration in its sole discretion for any reason.
      1. Each Participant shall submit his or her own score following each Match. If two Participants from the same Match submit conflicting scores (e.g. 2-0 and 1-2), then the relevant Participants will be asked by the Admin to submit evidence of their submitted scores. 
      2. In the event of a dispute relating to the outcome of a Match, the Administration’s decision (at it sole discretion) shall be final.
      1. The Prize Money for the Tournament shall be as follows: £5000
      2. Participants who are entitled to Prize Money in accordance with these Rules shall, following the conclusion of the Tournament, provide the Administration with proof of entitlement together with bank details.
      3. Prize Money will be paid to each successful Participant, in the currency stated above, within thirty (30) days of the Administration’s receipt of all necessary and requested information by the relevant Participant. In the event that the Participant fails to provide the requested information to the Administration within fourteen (14) days of request, the Participant shall waive its right to the Prize Money. 
      4. The Tournament Operator and the Administration reserves the right to withhold payment of Prize Money if there are ongoing disciplinary issues, including without limitation in respect of eligibility, behaviour and integrity.
      1. Throughout the Tournament, each Participant must:
        1. comply with the Rules, in letter and in spirit;
        2. accept and comply with all decisions of the Administration and the Tournament Operator;
        3. treat other Participants, the Administration and the Tournament Operator with the utmost respect and behave in good faith in all matters relating to the Tournament;
        4. use respectful language when communicating with Administrators and other Participants;
        5. not at any time make any comments, statements or remarks by whatever means (including online) or engage in any conduct which damages or adversely impacts the goodwill, image, commercial interests or reputation of the Tournament;
        6. compete to the best of his or her ability and try his or her utmost to win each and every Match at each and every stage of the Tournament; and
        7. seek to resolve all disputes or differences in connection with the Tournament without recourse to law.
      2. The following behaviour is strictly forbidden:
        1. using vulgar, racist, sexist, insulting or otherwise offensive behaviour, comments or language;
        2. purposefully losing a Match for any reason;
        3. refusing to follow the instructions of an Admin;
        4. showing dissent by words or actions towards any other Participant;
        5. using insulting language and/or gestures towards any other Participant; 
        6. committing unsporting behaviour; 
        7. misleading or ‘duping’ any Admin; 
        8. any behaviour deemed inappropriate by an Admin, including but not limited to extremist statements, threat of violence, sexual harassment, stalking, severe insults, pornographic references or hate speech.
      3. Each Participant acknowledges the right for the Administration to edit Participants’ names if names are deemed unfit for display (at the Administration’s sole discretion).
      1. Cheating: All forms of cheating are strictly forbidden. Cheating is the creating (or attempting to create) an unfair playing field or gaining an unfair advantage over other Participants by any means contrary to the Rules of the Tournament or the spirit of gaming or esports and traditional sporting endeavour. For the avoidance of doubt, this shall include any unauthorised use of any third party tools without the prior consent of the Administration.
      2. Match-fixing: All forms of match-fixing are strictly forbidden. Match fixing is the arranging or influencing (or attempting to arrange or influence) in advance the outcome of a Match, or events within the Tournament, usually for the purpose of making money, often from betting.
      3. Participants are not allowed to accept from, or offer to, any person or entity (whether they are Participants or otherwise) any bribes/gifts/rewards of any nature in relation to seeking to influence the outcome, result of, conduct of, a Match or the Tournament.
      4. Participants are under a strict obligation to immediately report to the Administration any approach, or any offer of a bribe/gift/ reward made to them, or any other Participant, related to seeking to influence the outcome, result, or conduct of a Match or the Tournament. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of these Rules and will in itself result in sanctions being imposed.
      5. Betting: Participants are not allowed to place any bet on any Match in the Tournament, or in relation to the Tournament in any context. Participants are prohibited from asking, or instructing, any person, or entity, to place any bet referred to in this Rule. This Rule includes all bets relating to, but not limited to, the following:
        1. the result of a particular Match or the Tournament itself; and
        2. any events in the progress of a Match or the Tournament itself.
      6. General: It is the responsibility of every Participant to comply with this clause 10. Any Participant who breaches these Rules will be subject to a range of sanctions including, but not limited to, those set out in clause 11 below. Any sanctions imposed by the Administration in respect of a breach of this clause 10 shall be in addition to any criminal sanction that may ultimately be imposed.
      1. The Administration (and any panel or body appointed by the Administration to deal with disciplinary matters) shall have a general and overarching jurisdiction to take disciplinary action against any Participant in relation to all allegations of foul or unfair play during a Match, and all allegations of misconduct, either in-Match or unrelated to a Match or the Tournament, which may constitute a breach of the laws and spirit of competitive esports and gaming, and/or the Rules and/or which may bring the Administration or the Tournament into disrepute.
      2. In the event that a Participant is found by the Administration to be in breach of these Rules, the Administration shall have the right to impose a range of sanctions against the offending Participant, acting in its sole discretion. Such sanctions may include, without limitation:
        1. disqualification from the Tournament;
        2. disqualification from future tournaments and competitions run by the Administration and/or the Tournament Operator; and/or
        3. a reduction or removal of Prize Money.
      3. The Administration shall impose sanctions which it believes to be reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances. All sanctions imposed by the Administration (or any panel or body appointed by the Administration to deal with disciplinary matters) under this clause 11 shall be final and non-appealable.
      1. Each Participant hereby grants the Tournament Operator, the Game Publisher and the Administration a non-exclusive, transferable, unlimited, perpetual right and licence to use the Participant’s Image and any photographic, video or audio-visual content containing the Participant’s Image in connection with the Tournament and the promotion of, and publication of content relating to, the Tournament in any and all media, including the right to use the Participant’s actual or simulated likeness and to record the Participant’s voice, and to take and reproduce photographic images of the Participant and his performances. For the purposes of these Rules, the “Participant’s Image” shall mean the Participant’s name, nickname, avatar, alias, image, photograph, film, likeness, autograph, initials, graphical or animated representation, endorsement or association, voice, performances, personal characteristics and other personal identification.
      2. Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Tournament Operator and the Game Publisher have the right to photograph, record, publish, broadcast, stream, disseminate, telecast, transmit, air, distribute, or otherwise exploit, in any manner whatsoever and in any and all media whether now known or hereinafter invented, all or any part of the Tournament and any services provided by, or image, representation or voice communications of, a Participant howsoever arising in respect of or connected to the Tournament.
      3. Each Participant hereby waives, and agrees not to assert or support, any claim in respect of any moral or other equivalent rights (if any) to which it is or may become entitled to in any territory of the world in relation to the rights granted in this Clause 9.
      1. By participating in the Tournament, each Participant hereby consents to the Tournament Operator:
        1. processing their personal data;
        2. disclosing their personal data to the Tournament Operator’s affiliates;
        3. disclosing their personal data to third parties for the purposes of running and operating the Tournament;
        4. using their name in promotional materials or marketing activity in connection with the Tournament; and
        5. transferring their personal data outside of the European Economic Area in connection with the Tournament.
    1. If any of the provisions of the Rules shall be found to be void or unenforceable, such provisions shall be deemed to be deleted from the Rules and the remaining provisions of the Rules shall continue in full force and effect and the Administration shall use its reasonable endeavours to procure that such provision is replaced by a provision which is valid and enforceable and which gives effect to the spirit of the Rules.
    2. Participation in the Tournament constitutes an agreement by the Participants that they will not hold liable, or make any claim, against the Tournament Operator or any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and each of its respective successors, assigns, agents, employees, servants, or authorised representatives (including any Admins or representative): 
      1. for any losses, costs, charges, damages, compensation or expenses arising out of or in connection with any kind of injury or illness suffered by any Participant, spectator or other third party; 
      2. for any damage to property of any kind; 
      3. for any loss of or damage to goodwill; 
      4. for any other indirect or consequential loss or for loss of profit incurred; and/or 
      5. for any loss of any description from or in relation to the result of any Match, arising out of or due to any decision or action that the Administration may take (or fail to take) under the Rules. 
    3. Nothing in these Rules limits any liability which cannot legally be limited, including liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. 
    4. The Tournament Operator reserves the right to cancel and disband the Tournament at any time without any further liability to the Participants. 
    5. The Rules and any disputes or differences arising in connection to them shall be governed in all respects by English law. The Tournament Operator and all Participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in order to resolve any disputes.